Emaad Ahmed Manzoor


  • Greening Backbone Networks. Green IT and Smart Grid Course Lecture, Spring 2016. (Slides)

  • Scheduling Broadcasts in a Network of Timelines. Masters Thesis Defense, Spring 2015. (Slides, Video)

  • Time-Inconsistent Planning: A Computational Problem in Behavioral Economics. InfoCloud Seminar, Spring 2014. (Slides)

  • Efficient Spatial Sampling of Large Geographical Tables. InfoCloud Seminar, Spring 2014. (Slides)

  • Time-sensitive Network Inference in Continuous-Time Diffusion Networks. Machine Learning Course Project Presentation, Spring 2014. (Slides)

  • Reinforcement Learning. Machine Learning Course Lecture, Spring 2014. (Slides)

  • Finding Communities in Networks. Data Mining Course Lecture, Fall 2013. (Slides)

  • Reviving Failed Classifiers with Random Forests. Tech talk at Yahoo!, May 2013. (Slides)

  • Building a Linux cluster with Beanstalkd (3 hour tutorial). PyCon India, September 2012. (Slides, Code, Proposal)

  • quFiles: The right file at the right time. Data Storage Technologies and Networks Seminar, Spring 2012. (Slides)